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Business Litigation


When complex business transactions between large corporations or small businesses break down, the corporate and business law attorneys at the Firm step in to help resolve the dispute while protecting our clients' rights and promoting their best interests throughout the litigation. Our experienced litigators handle breach of contract and business tort disputes throughout the State of Texas across a wide range of industries and occupations, including real property disputes, construction disputes, and partnership disputes.

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From the simple to the complex, all business transactions are founded upon a contractual relationship, from purchases and sales with customers, vendors, and suppliers, to employment agreements and partnership agreements. Contracts touch every part of a company's operations. A dispute over the terms or application of a contract in any one area can disrupt the entire flow of business operations. Whether enforcing a contract or defending against a claim of contractual breach, our lawyers work to resolve the dispute quickly and effectively without an inordinate drain on the company's time, attention, and resources.


In addition to contract-based claims, a whole class of litigation can arise from claims of fraud or unfair business practices. Such claims may be brought by or against employees or competitors, or even by members of the public or government agencies. Our firm handles cases across the common law of business torts, and state and federal consumer laws such as the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.


Real estate transactions are multi-step processes involving multiple parties besides just the buyer and the seller, such as agents and brokers, lenders, insurers, and inspectors. A breakdown at any one level can derail the entire project. For prospective homeowners and commercial developers alike, real estate deals involve significant investments of time and money that the parties cannot afford to waste.

Our lawyers work to resolve all manner of real property disputes, such as title disputes, property line and border disputes, landlord-tenant matters, rental and lease agreements, and more, including actions for money damages or specific performance.


Like real estate deals, construction and development projects involve multiple parties, including contractors, subcontractors, architects, and engineers. When a construction project is underway, every day lost to a dispute is money out of somebody's pocket. Whether through litigation or any form of alternative dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation, or arbitration, we work to resolve the dispute quickly and effectively. Our construction law attorneys handle disputes surrounding mechanic's liens, code compliance, denial of insurance, delays, stop orders, change orders, payment bonds, and performance bonds, among others. We also prosecute and defend against claims involving negligence and construction defects.


From the formation of a business entity to its dissolution, establishing a working relationship among partners is key to the success of the company. Sometimes this takes more than just negotiating buy-sell agreements and engaging in business succession planning. Not all matters can be hammered out by negotiating the terms of a contract. Matters involving allegations of fraud, embezzlement, fiduciary breach, and other mismanagement, must often be answered in litigation. Our lawyers stand up for the rights of our clients while remaining sensitive to family relationships and friendships that often underlie or outlast any particular business relationship.