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Personal Injury Defense


The Law Offices of Arthur K. Smith provides focused, aggressive and effective representation in personal injury matters throughout Collin County and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, including premises liability, product liability, vehicular accidents, and all manner of catastrophic injuries.

As experienced courtroom litigators, we understand how to value a case and prepare for a trial geared toward obtaining the best possible outcome if it cannot be settled for that value. Our intense preparation works to maximize the chances for such a settlement and means that if the case needs to be resolved through trial instead, we will be fully ready in every way to take on every challenge involved.

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A threshold matter for the insurance company in any insurance claim is to determine whether the claim is covered or not. This may involve a determination of whether the policyholder is in good standing and has complied with the terms of the policy in making a claim. Providing proof of loss or timely notice of a third party claim, as well as investigating the incident itself to determine it falls within the scope of the policy.

Our firm applies an in-depth coverage analysis and provides the client with an opinion letter containing our professional judgment regarding the policy's application to the facts of the matter. Insurers may utilize this information as part of their risk management or loss mitigation strategy in determining whether to approve or deny a claim or defend or settle a third-party claim. If the issue remains in dispute, we can represent the client in coverage litigation, including seeking a declaratory judgment or other proceedings, or litigating the underlying case under a reservation of rights, preserving the coverage issue for later resolution, if necessary.

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Our lawyers have handled personal injury cases across the entire country involving all types of accidents, from automobile and trucking accidents to chemical refinery accidents, from consumer/industrial product accidents to premises accidents involving structural collapse, fire, or the result of design or human activities. Through years of litigation in many diverse areas and industries, our firm has developed expertise in manufacture, design, engineering, physics, economics, vocational rehabilitation, life care planning-virtually every aspect and issue that can arise in a complex products liability or catastrophic personal injury case. We have the depth of knowledge and experience to handle your personal injury case, whether it be in Dallas/Fort Worth, elsewhere in Texas, or some other State. Contact the Law Offices of Arthur K. Smith for effective assistance with your personal injury defense matter.

As attorneys engaged in personal injury defense in Dallas/Fort Worth and throughout Texas, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Arthur K. Smith, A Professional Corporation, frequently encounter questions dealing with the scope and procedure of insurance coverage disputes. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter. If you have other questions or need advice and representation in a life insurance coverage dispute, contact the Law Offices of Arthur K. Smith, A Professional Corporation, for immediate assistance.